User-Generated Social Media Art, Simultaneous, Coming to LAB Miami for Art Walk

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Forget in-person interaction. These days, every aspect of our work-a-day lives is playing out via social media. From a Vine of our dog sleeping to an Instagram snapshot of our breakfast, we live and breathe via smartphones and the interwebs. If a day goes by without a selfie, did it ever even happen?

Simultaneous, a new sound and visual art performance by artists Willie Avendano and Jennifer Victor, is parsing this web of life to create a user-generated tapestry. And said work will be on display for voyeuristic eyes to see during this week's Second Saturday Art Walk.

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The artists, known as Sweet Willie Roll Bar and Jenn$ (a collaboration called ArtistinUs), will be setting up shop at Wynwood's communal work-space, the LAB.

"This sound and visual art performance will parse the Internet, through Tumblr, Vine, Instagram, and other user-generated content to create a user-generated tapestry. Come witness the manner in which the traditional archetypes of artist and gallery, art and creators of art are broken, decentralized as the Internet itself," the event release describes.

It's an "experimental audio visual show parsing the Internet," Victor says. A new concept merging "user-generated open-sourced curation and creation." Audience = artists.

You can check out the display this Saturday from 7 to 10 p.m. at 400 NW 26th St., Miami.

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LAB Miami

400 NW 26th St., Miami, FL

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