Watch Life and Freaky Times of Uncle Luke In Full Online (VIDEO)

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Miami audiences saw Life and Freaky Times of Uncle Luke at the Borscht Film Festival in 2011. Sundance Film Festival viewers checked it out in 2012. And now, Lucas Leyva and Jillian Mayer have unleashed it on the rest of the world, as part of a series of online film releases that also includes Adventures of Christopher Bosh in the Multiverse.

"Now it is finally finally free for the world to enjoy/respond with racist comments on YouTube," the Borscht Tumblr declares.

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You can watch the video above, but it's really worth clicking over to the Borscht site, too. There, you'll find an essay by Annie Hollingsworth of Art Papers Magazine, profiling Mayer and her career. You'll read a Spin magazine review of the film, calling it a "bizarre, charming biopic turned Tim and Eric-esque spazz-out."

But more importantly, you'll get to see animated GIFs like these:

Seriously, there are like a dozen of them. Go look.

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