Ten Reasons to Love Your Meter Man From the Dudes Behind The Meter Man of Le Moutrechon

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Courtesy of Nick Katzenbach
It's hard to find a more reviled profession than the meter maid. Dentists, tax men, and telemarketers can't hold a candle to the folks who make their living assaulting innocent dashboards with those evil little slips.

But is the hatred unwarranted? Turns out, meter maids are (gasp!) people too. And it's this hidden humanity that a group of Miami filmmakers parlayed into an award-winning short, The Meter Man of Le Moutrechon. The flick won UM's Canes Film Festival and is now in front of LA studio execs, festival committee members and other bigwigs.

And until they hit the big time and leave the 305 behind (though they swear they're sticking around), producer Nick Katzenbach, screenwriter Luke Fronefield, and director Ronnie Khalil are all about the meter man love. Check out their reasons to love these civil servants after the jump.

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10. They drive weird tiny cars.
They're like the Shriners of law enforcement.

Courtesy of Nick Katzenbach
Producer Nick Katzenbach
9. They're relatively cheap.
Bitching to one over a ticket costs you $18 -- bitching to a therapist costs you $200.

8. They're tenacious lovers.
Once they start writing a ticket, they can't stop. Maybe that dedication transfers to the bedroom.

Courtesy of Nick Katzenbach
Actress Supinder Wraich, the Meter Man's love interest
7. Their job is (way) worse than yours.
Unless you're a garbage man or the guy who puts puppies down at the pound, you really can't argue.

6. They could go postal.
In Florida, it's probably their right to pack heat and shoot whomever, whenever, wherever. So maybe give them a little space, huh?

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