2Square: "We Don't Want to Leave Miami ... It's Our Destiny to Travel"

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You must have seen them around. They're kind of hard to miss. Justin Vallee and Jeremiah Taylor walk around town like thrift shop kings, stuntin' rags with so much style they steal the show, always looking for a good time, a good laugh, and a good smoke.

Or, if you haven't seen them, you've at least seen their mark. Together, they are 2Square, and all over the 305 they've at least 30 murals and pieces in their visceral, linear style, hovering about the skyline to give your day a little beauty.

They look like modern-day gypsies, and that's because they basically are. They live off their art, so they live on the street and take it day-by-day, and that's how they like it.

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But it wasn't always this way for the 2Square fellas. Not too long ago, they were rich, successful playboys. They were professionals, business owners, home owners. They drove around town in BMWs and Porsches. Still, something was always missing.


The duo first met in Tennessee, Taylor's home-base, when they were 25. That was seven years ago. Vallee was busy running a landscaping business, and Taylor was a hair director in a nationally ranked salon.

They'd always had a passion for the arts, Taylor even had his paintings exhibited around the time they first met. Yet, it wasn't until they started traveling the world that they began to imagine their lives changing drastically. As they were introduced to the different cultures of Europe, they found something that would change them forever - passion, direction, a reason to be.

When they returned, they began to systematically tear down their old lives, selling off the pieces one by one in exchange for a chance to become their dreams.

"There was something so beautiful about pushing away those last possessions," Taylor said. "Those things we loved and cherished, it was symbolic to give them away for something we ultimately love."

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Wood Tavern

2531 NW 2nd Ave., Miami, FL

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Cool post... Even i also don't want to leave from Miami because i am in love with this city,the beaches,the climate. So many things are here to do.

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