Art Basel in Basel, Day One: Junkyard Dogs and Men in Glass at SCOPE Satellite Fair

I Santissimi, Horror Vacui, 2012
To say that Art Basel has become significant for Miami is a bit of an understatement. Do we even remember what Miami was like before this major event elevated it from vacation destination to cultural hot spot? Those of us that had never been exposed to million dollar art suddenly became connoisseurs, and were granted permission to enter a world we thought only existed in New York and Paris.

Well, the big daddy fair, father to which Miami now owes its claim to art fame, has once again occupied Switzerland. No people, Art Basel is not just a Miami event and, just in case you are wondering, its fabulousness translates worldwide.

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Our first day in Basel had us starting with one of my favorite satellite fairs, SCOPE. Sonja Hofstetter, head of SCOPE exhibitor relations, shared her thoughts on the difference between Art Basel in Basel versus Miami: that while Miami continues to live up to its reputation as a place to see and be seen, which comes as no surprise, Basel attracts the serious European collector, with many of the attendees flying in specifically to buy art.

Paolo Grassino, Analgesia (2012), an outdoor installation courtesy of Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art
Standing guard as visitors enter the fair is a group of junk yard dogs, an outdoor installation by Paola Grassino, reminding riffraff to keep out so that sophisticated types inside can get down to business.

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This is so inspiring - I'm astounded and impressed: Thank you for continuing this incredibly important work. Miami both needs, and is ready to blossom, as an art inspired city. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Peace.

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