BuzzFeed Trolls Miami Heat Fans With Epically Stupid Listicle

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Just a handful of your average, awesome Heat fans.
Hating the Miami Heat: It's been done. It's, like, so last season. And it involves aligning yourself with Skip Bayless.

Hating Miami Heat fans, on the other hand, is still considered fair game in areas of the country without the greatest basketball team on the planet. For proof, you need look no further than BuzzFeed, which published a blog post yesterday titled "Do Heat Fans Get A Bad Rap, Or Are They Even Worse Than We Think?"

Spoiler: The answer is "Heat fans are so awful, amirite LOL OMG wordvomit."

Pointless listicles like these are what BuzzFeed thrives on, and ordinarily we'd pay them no mind. But this particular post, published just before the Heat moved on to the Finals and containing arbitrary judgments of fans' flamboyant costumes, is particularly low. Clearly, Heat fans have plenty to be excited about. Clearly, the passion of supporters and haters alike is at its highest point since, well, this happened.

And clearly, BuzzFeed's aim is to capitalize on this by trolling fans and gratifying the jerks who just wish they were fans.

So it's up to New Times to stick up for the "awful" fans pointed out at the post. Step off, BuzzFeed. This train ain't stopping for no wishy-washy listicle, no matter whether we're "on watch" or not.


LeBron's not the only basketball royalty on this team. Remember the "three kings"? #3's one of them.


Even forever-stoned RiRi knows Miami is the best. Why don't you?


If that's your idea of "designer jeans," you are clearly not from Miami.

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That playoff picture is old....Allen now wears our jersey


I said it last night when I saw Lebronsito and Chalmers dancing in the locker room after the game (that was cocky).... "If I wasn't a Heat fan, I'd hate us too." At the end of the day, the fans are hated because we like a team who flat out wins. People are tired of seeing Lebronsito win every trophy in professional basketball. They are tired of watching us bring out the pots and pans outside of La Carreta. The haters are tired of watching games where the seats are empty at the start of the game, and when the second half begins. Guess what?? This is Miami, and going to the bar before/during the game to get another drink is important to us.... Why? Because the first thing we're going to do is throw that drink up and give cheers to every single fan sitting next to us after ANOTHER win. Keep hating, we'll keep winning!

Jeannie Necessary
Jeannie Necessary

When I was growing up I rooted for The Bulls. I loved Jordan! I remember watching Chicago when they won the title. Cars would get over turned, fires started. Now that I live in this amazing city, Miami, the way we celebrate is by driving down the road, banging casuelas, and chanting "Let's Go Heat!" I'll take Miami fans any day over any other city. We are the greatest fans! We don't show up on time, but we love our team!

Seth A. Yellin
Seth A. Yellin

Not the brightest of minds but at least we get 50% off unhealthy pizza and I'ma order some right now. xD

Agatha Morazzani
Agatha Morazzani

BuzzFeed y u mad tho? Is it because every team you liked got owned? here's the worlds smallest violin...just for you...

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