E3's Best in Show: The Cosplay Edition

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Photos by Elisa Melendez
This year's E3 (that's the Electronic Entertainment Expo, for the uninitiated) was one of the hugest in recent history, marking the dawn of a new console generation. As such, publishers and fans alike are getting into the spirit by literally representing gaming's old favorites and new additions in the form of kick-ass cosplay. The outfits tend to fall into two categories: the professional cosplayer hired by the companies at E3 to attract attention to the booth, and the attendees, which decide to get into the spirit. Check out some of the best outfits after the jump.

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Elisa Meléndez
Demons, beware.
10. Demon Hunter, Diablo 3 (Blizzard)
This demon hunter was spotted outside the Blizzard booth representing PC favorite Diablo 3, slated to come to consoles soon. Killer crossbows, ahoy!

Nothing is true. Everything is permitted. Except maybe actual hidden blades.
9. Ezio, Assassin's Creed
This guy was a huge fan who decided to show up in Assassin's Creed cosplay to check out Ubisoft's latest installment of the franchise. He was also a programmer looking for work. I think he got their attention!

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Stephanie Shaw
Stephanie Shaw

Thanks for taking our photos! Your reporter was super nice! - Lara croft and Nathan Drake aka Stephanie and Justin. :)

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