Meet the Red Bull Flugtag Miami 2013 Teams: Manatees Kangaroos, and a Tootsie's Tribute

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Bad news for all you slow pokes and Cuban time procrastinators -- you've missed your chance at this year's epic flying adventure known as Flugtag. This week, Red Bull announced the 33 carefully chosen teams competing in Miami's September event, and they run the gamut from manatees with wings to flying kangaroos to strippers.

Out of the lot, 14 teams are from South Florida, and they've got some tales to tell. Cultist caught up with a couple of the groups for sneak peeks at their machine designs, deets on strategy, and other insider info. Check it out after the jump.

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Manatee Grew Wings are as local as they come. Their flying seacow will be piloted by 51-year-old Dan Vesce, owner of V.C. Associates (general contractors) and Miami Dade College engineering student. The team consists of five other members hand-picked by Vesce, from a father and son team to fellow students.
"Since the Flugtag 2013 is in the Bay, we thought it would be great to use the manatee for fun since it's a native. Plus manatees are pretty big, and after drinking a Red Bull we will see the big manatee fly to the moon. And win the 2013 Miami Flugtag," Vesce says.
As far as strategy, they're prepared. "The four main things to remember; lift, thrust, weight, and drag. We have designed a craft that will be all of these. The size of the body will be just the amount of weight to fly with the wings we are engineering. The thrust will be our wings on the craft. The back tail will be the lift of our craft, and the front fins will be used for having no drag. This should help our team fly to the moon."

Their name is more than just a hilarious visual. Apparently, it stems from an old tale about a manatee in Miami that grew wings and flew to the moon. (Probably a wise idea. No crazy ladies trying to ride 'em up there.)

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