How to Get Laid at Fitness Universe Weekend

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Bodybuilders: they're lean, toned, flab-free specimens that make your average Joe or Jane look like Jabba the Hut. And hundreds of these fitness fanatics are converging on South Beach this weekend for Fitness Universe, an all-star competition pitting hot bods against each other.

If rock-hard hotties get you all atingle, Cultist is here to help you get closer to these seemingly unattainable icons. It is possible, we promise. We spoke to a couple competitors for tips on what to say, what not to say -- and why being a foodie probably won't fare well.

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Courtesy of Dave Bogan
Dave Bogan, a competitor in this week's Musclemania Universe, is a Boca-based TV producer by day, buff gymgoer by night. He's part of Team Fit and Psyched, sponsored by Team Nutrishop and a force to be reckoned with. His tips:

1. Look like you work out.
If you're completely out of shape, approaching a die-hard fitness fanatic might not make the most sense. Sorry folks, but no pain, no gain.

2. Foodies need not apply.
Realistically, fitness competitors eat for fuel. So if you're into foie-gras crusted lamb chops, Fruity Pebble-topped donuts and Tostone burgers as big as your head, it's probably not a match. "I'm eating chicken breasts and broccoli -- I really don't want to be around junk food," Bogan says.

3. Going out a lot is a no-go.
Getting down to 3% bodyfat ain't easy. And it's all about the lifestyle. So probably don't approach a bodybuilder and brag about your wild nights out and skill at putting away Fireball shots. They have to go to bed early, eat crazy healthy, stay away from booze ... etc.

"What you have to go through to look like this ... it's not easy," Bogan adds.

4. Bodybuilders like to talk about themselves.
So indulge them. Ask questions about their various body parts, their fitness routine -- or hell, what they had for breakfast. Just chat 'em up about their favorite topic -- numero uno.

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