Kubiat Nnamdie Readies for Debut Solo Art Show: "It's About Being Set Free"

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Christopher Cardullo
Kubiat Nnamdie is only 22 years old, but already he has a wisdom and résumé that outshines many fellow 20-somethings. He's an artist working freely in almost any medium; paint, sculpture, collage, and video, but he's about to show his hometown a new side of himself.

For his debut solo show, Nnamdie is proud to present "22 Grams: Set Me Free." He's shown all over the world, but revealing himself in the 305 is a proud moment he wouldn't trade for the world. It's a rebirth of sorts for the young artist, the beginning of a new chapter, and you can join him Saturday, June 15, at the Seminole Building in Wynwood for the big reveal.

"Innocence Had Its Day"

The title "22 Grams: Set Me Free" is a subtle reference to what happens when a person dies. Scientists note that the deceased's brain is flooded with DMT, a psychedelic some use recreationally that also occurs naturally during vaginal birth. Afterward, human bodies are found to weigh 21 grams less; some say this is because one's soul has left the building.

"It's in no way a drug reference, but I mean, I don't mind if people think it's a drug reference," Nnamdie said. "It's kind of about death and rebirth, but actually it's about rebirth. I'm referencing a few things. It might be a little somber but actually, it won't be really somber. But it's not going to be a happy show. It's going to be fun."

He may have a hard time pinpointing the mood, but Nnamdie doesn't really care. He knows people will interpret his work in different ways, just as he interprets the world through his own lens. As an artist, he's interested in occult systems and the way these spiritual matter affect our everyday lives. But he's not here to give a sermon.

"I think just the idea of someone passing or the idea of this spirit (is interesting)," he said, "the spirit of somebody, the spirit that can be in the painting or in a sculpture, or in your house, y'know? So it's more of a spiritual thing I suppose, but it's not overwhelming."

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