Miami Comic and Labor Days Star Forrest Shaw on Heading to LA, Manatees, and STDs

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Miami could use more laughter in its life. With crime and corruption dominating our daily news cycle, we need every excuse for a guffaw we can get. Luckily, there are more than a few talented comedians in our midst, some of whom recently collaborated on the hilarious and highly lauded web series, Labor Days, a laughable look at day labor. (Haven't watched it yet? Do it now.)

Unfortunately, one of the series' stars is taking leave for Los Angeles -- but not without a farewell performance. Comedian Forrest Shaw (who recently won Miami's Ultimate Comedian competition at Magic City Casino) and the rest of the Labor Days crew are appearing at the Miami Improv next Tuesday, where they'll dole out DVDs and incite an audience laugh riot. We spoke to Shaw on 305 nostalgia, his cats, and why manual labor reminds him of STDs.

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Cultist: You've been a marine biologist, a stand-up comedian -- ever done manual labor?
Forrest Shaw:Yeah I did, I worked as a roofer for a summer underneath a guy that had a roofing company. It was the summer after Hurricane Andrew and there was a lot of roof work. Every morning we'd go and pick up a bunch of people, they'd jump in the back of the truck and we'd go and tear off roofs. It was a whole day affair.

I worked at jobs very similar [to Labor Days]. But even though I was underneath the guy in charge, I wasn't nearly as mean as I am on the show. I would have these very awkward conversations on the roof with the guys as we were working. One was trying to tell me that he had an STD but it took me like 15 minutes to figure it out. I don't know if he thought I was going to have medicine ... he was describing some sort of burning sensation. So yeah, I had a job like that.

So you're leaving Miami? Why are you abandoning us?
On June 27th I'm driving away with my cats and my car. I'm going to LA. I don't feel like I'm abandoning the city, I don't think it's going to notice except maybe my mom.
I've been doing comedy for almost nine years now and I've gone through various stages trying to get better. Now I feel like I need to kind of accelerate and I feel the best place to do that would be LA. But I'm not abandoning Miami -- I actually have some gigs later in the year and my family is still there -- if anyone is worried!

Is a season two on tap for Labor Days?
We'd like to do a second season but we're trying to work that out. With scheduling I'm obviously going to be in a different place, and money. If anyone wants to invest money you can put my P.O. Box! We'd love to get a second season. We've also been in some festivals and got some recognition and we'd like to do more of that and get a lot more people in other parts of the country to see it too.

What do you have planned for the performance next week?
Well we're all stand-ups -- almost every character on the show is with the exception of two, so we've always thought about having a show. Everyone gets a DVD with price of admission and it's got all the episodes on it, plus a gag reel and commentary. We tried to do it like, it's our first season here's the completion of the DVD -- if you're a fan come out and support it.

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