Miami Heat Hater Forced to Dress in Drag After Losing Bet

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Miami fans, it's been a bittersweet season. On one hand, the Heat triumphed in a nail-biting seven-game series to clinch its second NBA championship in as many years. Can't nothing beat that.

But on the other hand, the rest of the nation still hates our forever-winning guts. Ask just about any basketball fan outside of Florida -- especially one in Baltimore -- and they'll tell you that Miami Heat fans are the worst in all of basketball. Hell, maybe even in all of sports.

A whole country of sports fans shitting on your devotion can really get you down. Luckily, we have this fine gentlemen -- dressed in drag and carrying a sign proclaiming "I will never doubt the Miami Heat again" -- to remind us just how silly those haters really look.

The man, who Reddit users say is holding the sign for all to see somewhere in Augusta, Georgia, apparently lost a bet. His punishment: donning a wig, green dress, flashy silver necklace, and even a purse, all to stand on the street to let the world see his shame.

The sign reads: "I lost a bet / I will never doubt the Miami Heat again / sad face."

Hey, at least he learned his lesson.

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Nick Mencia
Nick Mencia

Josh Diem Nathaniel Sandler P. Scott Cunningham could have been worse/better

Lionel Perez
Lionel Perez

The sign is photoshopped. Notice it's a different color towards the bottom of the sign. Duh!

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