Second Saturday Art Walk Guide: June's Five Best Picks

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Kim Nicolini
Dirt. God created man from it. We grow our food in it. And it's where all of us go to rest in the end.

For Broward artist, curator and writer Onajide Shabaka, the primordial substance is also the inspiration for "DIRT Yuta Suelo Udongo Tè," a new exhibit opening in Miami's Design District during this weekend's Second Saturday Art Walk beginning at 6 p.m.

Our other picks for this sweltering Art Walk include a cavalcade of Argentine shutterbugs, a Venezuelan's street junk turned to treasure, an exploration of old-fangled photography methods and the harmony between art and music. Here are five exhibits raising a din this weekend.

David Rohn
DIRT Yuta Suelo Udongo Tè
This "Dirt"-inspired exhibit boasts works by a dozen artists who explore different takes on the subject matter: our obsession with cleanliness, cycles of destruction and creation, the fleeting nature of time and memory, the sediment of human existence, and our relationship with the environment. The exhibit includes sculpture, photography, paintings, drawings, mixed media works, and even a delicate piece of Raku pottery.

A photographic self-portrait of Miami's David Rohn depicts the bare-chested artist wearing a matted wig and with his torso and mug slathered in mud while staring at the viewer with a look of utter boredom. In the rib-tickling picture, Rohn skewers our obsession with cleanliness subversively while seeming to suggest that at its root, the business of art itself can also be dirty.

Kim Nicolini's series of haunting photos depict the suburban squalor of Tucson -- the city she lives in. Her pictures of "dirty yards" absent of grass, people, and animals are shot after dusk and lighted from windows in homes, amping up a sense of desolation and eeriness.

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