The Ten Best Things to Do in Miami This Weekend

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Bring it home, boys.
This is a really big weekend for us, Miami.

Actually, we take that back. It's been a huge week for us, and it's going to be an even bigger weekend for you.

Best of Miami dropped live on the Web on Tuesday. The print issues hit stands on Thursday. Our boys on the Heat slayed the San Antonio Spurs last night, and we're crossing our fingers that the bloodbath can carry over through Sunday for the night's game.

So while you're waiting for tip-off come Sunday night, take a peek at our guide for the best things to do in Miami this weekend.

Besides celebrate. Because we usually always have a reason to do that.

Marlins v. Cardinals: Ok, so we probably won't win the game, but we have a nicer stadium.
Dragonette: They Just Came to Say Hello.
An Evening With Cesar Milan: Dog Whisperer: Bet your dog is full of secrets!
Nicky Romero: A twenty-something DJ with musical wisdom far beyond his years.

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Anneliese Morales
Anneliese Morales

Little Havana Art Walk is TONIGHT!! Come by the galleries!! Kontempo Art + Futurama Art Gallery and MANY MORE! Every 2nd Friday of EACH MONTH, Folks! :) Did I mention @Little Havana WON "BEST PLACE to Take Out of Towners" this week on the Best of Miami's list TOO??!

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