Top Hooker's Melanie Housh on Keys' Hotspots, Inhaling Goldfish and Sexy Spearfishing

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Courtesy of Animal Planet
It ain't easy being a hooker. The world's oldest profession is wet, rough, and taxing as hell -- particularly for females.

Get your mind out of the gutter. We're talking about fishing.

The ancient sport is the subject of Animal Planet's newest reality TV competition, Top Hooker. The show pits ten of the world's top anglers against each other for the chance at $30,000, a new pickup truck, and liquid glory. And South Florida is represented by "Sexy Spearfisher" Melanie Housh of Key Largo.

We talked to Melanie about her dream catch, having goldfish in her mouth, and hanging out at Gilbert's Resort.

In addition to free diving, spearfishing, offshore fishing, and generally channeling her inner Ariel, Housh is a professional fire lieutenant, paramedic, and rescue diver. So she's a badass by land or by sea.

Cultist: Can we expect a lot double entendres in the duration of the series?
Housh: I would think so. [Laughs.]

How do you feel about your "Sexy Spearfisher" nickname?
It's cool, it's cool. It goes with the show and it's what I love to do, so I think it goes hand in hand.

It's reality TV, soooo, was there a lot of drama?
There was not a whole lot of drama as far as between the contestants. But there was a little drama already with one of the guys, Ian -- he busted his knee on one of the competitions right off the bat. That was kind of dramatic. But as far as amongst the contestants arguing and bickering, that kind of thing we didn't have a lot of.

Anything unexpected on the show or any crazy moments?
The competitions were unexpected. I knew it was gonna be extreme and taxing and stuff but some of the events that they put together I was not expecting. It's not everyday fishing that they do, which made it more exciting. I can stand on a boat and fish any day but to do these other events and be really creative with it was pretty fun.

With the first challenge, it was pretty funny. The tank was filled with thousands of goldfish, so you think its going to be easy scooping them up with your mouth. But every time they would push away. The pressure of the water would push them away. I had to change my thinking and really think of a fish gulping something. I'd go down with my mouth closed and suck the goldfish in, gulping them. It was pretty funny to take in three or four at one time.

Have you ever had a live fish in your mouth before?
Yeah, joking around I've bit a few. Like playing around, but not like intentionally competing.

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top hooker picked the stupidest ppl to be on there show all they do is scream stupid shit and repeat the same shit over and over 

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