The Simpsons at Universal Studios Orlando: Inside the Springfield Expansion

Universal Studios
A Springfield even Mr. Burns would love.
The newest addition to Universal Studios in Orlando is a Simpsons-themed area that is the ultimate in fan service -- and it's only getting bigger. And tastier. Cultist took a VIP tour of the town's current offerings as well as a literal taste of things to come.

While there was already a Simpsons ride (think classic Back to the Future), Universal has now expanded the Springfield area to include a food court. As part of yesterday's tour, we got a sample of themed treats available at such stations as Flaming Moe's, Lisa's Teahouse of Horror, and The Frying Dutchman. Here are some of our favorites:

Elisa Meléndez
Sloppy and delicious.
The Krusty Burger
The Krusty Burger is a single-patty beef burger served with a tomato slice, lettuce, and a special sauce that is reminiscent of Shake Shack or In-n-Out. Tasty and sloppy, with seasoned curlies on the side.

Elisa Meléndez
Anything with tots is a home run.
The Chicken & Waffle Sandwich
The chicken & waffle sandwich at Cleatus's features a fried chicken breast between two waffles which looked like your average Eggo, but fresh. The waffle isn't too sweet, making it attractive for those who have yet to go head first into the sweet and savory world of, say, a Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles-style entree.

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