The Ten Best Miami Twitter Feeds

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You can complain about Miami for a myriad of reasons, but you can't say our locals suffer from a lack of personality. To outsiders, Miamians can be "too loud," "too Cuban," "too rude," or any combination thereof -- but locals know we're just a bunch of amusing, quirky, and audacious folks.

Love it our hate it, Miami lives up to that reputation -- especially on Twitter.

From a crass puppet serving as the 305's mascot, to an outspoken baseball player, to an electronic dance music know-it-all, Miami's Twitterverse proves that though this town might lag in intelligence and English-speaking individuals, it doesn't mess around with boring.

Here are ten essential Twitter accounts for Miamians to follow.

10. John Carrascal, @SoFLBrgOverload
Miami loves overindulgence, especially when it comes to food. So when food enthusiast Johnny Carrascal hops on Twitter and delights his followers with jaw-dropping, drool-inducing photos of burgers, Miami follows. The man behind @SoFlBrgOverload is a hard-working foodie who succeeds at providing Miami with the meatiest, juiciest burger joints in our area and often answers followers' requests for advice. Get ready to get overloaded.

9. Cuban Kate Moss, @MiamiPPLPrblems
Is there another Kate Moss besides the famous model? In Miami, there is, and like a good chunk of Miami's population, she's Cuban. Whenever you need a laugh, Cuban Kate Moss will cheer you up with her ratchet and endearing tweets about Miami's lifestyle. The anonymous tweeter embodies the typical Miami girl with Spanglish, profanity, and infatuation with Club Space. Sometimes you need to be reminded what Miami is all about, and Cuban Kate Moss's Twitter feed does the job.

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This list is an embarrassment! Cuban Kate Moss is a 20 year old dumbass. How about Billy Corbin, South Florida Daily blog, Burger Beast, the scene Miami, The fashion poet, the wordy girl. Dozens of better qualified for a best of list. De pinga.

Alejo Angee
Alejo Angee

The Miami New times is becoming worse than a boring date with these what's your favorite.... lists....


What a terrible excuse for an "article".

jjcolagrande topcommenter

No Billy Corbin?? 

 His feed is highly reliable and followed by media elites.

Brittany Janes
Brittany Janes

This is the shittiest list I have ever seen. I used twitter for like one month and could do better than this. How could you not add Friendly Asshole to the list? He is like the funniest guy of all time!


HOW COULD YOU FORGET FRIENDLY ASSHOLE!??? That guy is hilarious! I'm disappointed. 

Anthonyvop1 topcommenter

Pepe Billete is a modern day Cuban version of Stepin Fetchit.   An embarassment.

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