Coconut Grove Convention Center, Former Home of Burn Notice, Up for Demo

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As Burn Notice approaches the end of its final season, its former home is also facing extinction. Yep, it's ka-boom time for the Coconut Grove Convention Center.

exMiami reports that "Miami officials are already processing a demolition permit" for the building, which could be approved within a matter of weeks, while Curbed Miami reports that the City of Miami can't tear down the building fast enough.

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It's all in service of advancing the Coconut Grove Waterfront Master Plan, which plans to transform the seaside edge of the Grove into a massive park space with a skate park, amphitheater, a series of gardens, and walking and biking trails. A restaurant, parking garage, sailing club, and new pier are also on the agenda.

via exMiami
That may be good news for outdoorsy folks in the Grove, but Burn Notice fans are still feeling wronged by the city for angling to remove the show in order to move forward with development. In July of last year, devoted fans stormed City Hall with handmade signs to convince the city to leave Burn Notice alone.

It didn't exactly work out for them, though; the show's seventh season, airing now, will be its last, the USA Network announced in May.

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Coconut Grove Convention Center

2700 S. Bayshore Drive, Coconut Grove, FL

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Carbon Filament
Carbon Filament

I wasn't around long enough for the Doors, but wasn't it also a marine museum too?

Wendy M. Blazier
Wendy M. Blazier

Say goodbye to a piece of Rock and Roll history. This is Dinner Key Auditorium where Jim Morrison and the Doors concert upset Miami!

Alex Anico
Alex Anico

only Harris watches Burn Notice...

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