Ten Creepy Dexter Fan Art Pieces

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Dexter Blood Slide Glass Pendants by GeekOUTlet on Etsy.
We're not even halfway into the final season of Dexter yet, and it's already looking like it's going to be hard to say goodbye to our favorite serial killer. Fortunately, long after the show has met its (hopefully bloody) demise, fans can keep their memories alive with blood slides, just like Dexter Morgan himself.

No, really -- blood slides (featuring fake blood, we assume) are just one of the many Dexter-inspired mementos you'll find online. Here are a few more gifts for the ultimate Dexter superfan.

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"It's not just a slice a meat, it's a Slice of Life!"

Dexter T-Shirt by VHAVE on Etsy, $15.95

This guide to Dexter's kills is already out of date. But who knows -- maybe by the end of this season, Etsy user Dehahs will have one for Deb, too.

Dexter's Victims poster by Dehahs on Etsy, $29.50

Wanna really creep out your carpool buddies? This should do the trick.

Dexter Ice Truck Killer keychain by ibakecake on Etsy, $5.50

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