Dexter Premiere: Someone Else Knows Dexter's Dark Secret

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"The end begins."

Those are the first words you see on the screen, stained with blood spatter -- a la Dexter.

When the harmless fly lands on Dexter's arm and you hear a clap, Dex's familiar morning routine fills the screen. After locking the apartment door and giving that coy nod at the camera, nostalgia sets in and you begin to realize the end really is near.

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The episode starts on a happy note, with Dexter and Harrison (they grow up so fast!) playing with a kite, and then the pair again celebrating a soccer win. While Dexter has fallen back into his old ways since that night in the shipping container -- he's coached Harrison's soccer team, gotten the bowling team back together, and even made some new "friends" - Debra's life has fallen into pieces. She quit Miami Metro, and Angel Batista never retired but instead took over as Lieutenant.

With LaGuerta's death, Miami Metro has decided to dedicate a concrete bench memorial in her honor. At the ceremony, the old gang gathers together to fill viewers in on some minor events that occurred in the last six months. Concrete is sturdy, as Dexter points out, but it is also cold and impersonal, as Angel suggests. It seems as if no one really felt any warmth for Maria LaGuerta, and after everything she sacrificed for the department, all she gets is a bench for strangers to sit on her name.

Overcome with guilt from shooting LaGuerta, Deb left the police force and joined a private investigation firm - being a cop is all she knows how to do, and do well. All in the name of undercover work, Deb now does drugs, dresses like a homeless hipster, sleeps with criminals, and it looks as if she gave up on personal hygiene as well. Not only has she internalized her guilt, but her appearance mirrors the deterioration of the Debra Morgan we used to know and love. Her new boss calls her a "thrill seeker," which we can only interpret as Deb trying to feel something - anything - after what she did. Not the way to go, Deb, not the way to go.

When Dexter finally tracks Debra down - after months of not speaking to or seeing each other - she says some pretty hateful things. "You made me compromise everything about myself that I cared about, and I hate you for it," she practically spits at him. And if that wasn't enough to penetrate Dexter's heartless façade, she gives him a nice stabbing when she says, "I shot the wrong person in that trailer."

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