Dexter's Final Season, Episode Five: "A Family That Kills Together"

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Last night's opening scene with Dexter and Debra in a sort of "couples" therapy session with Vogel after their near-death experience was kind of ironic; it might be the closest Deb will get to living out last season's fantasies of getting all romantic with Dex. But alas, the session is more of a "family" group therapy. Debra tried to kill herself and her brother, but she was rescued and then went back for Dexter, so now she's over the whole suicide thing.

Back at Miami Metro, things are business as usual. The team is investigating a murder, which leads them to the house of a rich man named Hamilton. Though he may be the prime suspect for Quinn and the gang, Dexter has a familiar hunch when he encounters the man's son, Zach Hamilton. Nothing big happens with Zach in this episode, but the previews for next week's episode indicate he may Dexter's progeny.

As Vogel relaxes in her house, Yates takes the opportunity to come crashing through her window and abduct her. Quick shout out to the Lost fans, who'll recognize the Mama Cass Elliot song, "Make Your Own Kind of Music," as the song of choice Vogel puts on the record player before her abduction.

While Yates is busy freaking out Vogel, Dexter is with Miami Metro at Yates' place, digging up some interesting finds. Yates had three graves in his backyard, with a rose bush planted on top of them. The bodies found belong to his previous victims - each of them had broken toes, a missing right shoe, and was buried with wallets and handbags. Oh, and key fact, all were women...with their skulls intact. It's beginning to look like Yates might not be our Brain Surgeon after all -- just a creep with mommy issues.

Luckily for Vogel, Debra was on her way to seek her council, so when she walked into a messy room and a missing doctor, she went straight to Dexter. When Deb arrives at the crime scene Dexter is working to tell him about Vogel, he asks an important question: why did she save him? Why not let him die and let all her imaginary problems disappear; in what is a big moment for Deb, she responds, "I saw the car going under water, I knew you were going to die, [and] I couldn't imagine my life without you in it." Applause for Debra Morgan!

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