Analog Art Show: Sweat Records and YOmiami Present Hot Vinyl on Vinyl Action

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Courtesy of WHUT
A WHUT original to be raffled at the show and given away as part of Free Art Friday
There's something about lowering the needle on a record player. Slip off the sleeve, set it on the platter, and admire the album art while your thoughts move round and around with the disc. Each listening session is an art form in itself, since the process has a way of motivating something in its audience.

This weekend, the folks at Sweat Records, and YOmiami will support this matrimony of audio and visual art with "Analog Art."

Sweat Records Exterior
Courtesy of Lauren Reskin
Miami-based artist WHUT has a reputation for his sticker-collaged records, CDs, and his use of vinyl as the principal medium for his work. "My first pieces were all on vinyl and I loved the idea that you can take a record no one wants and bring it back to life," he said. So he teamed up with YO, Sweat, and other supporters of the scene like Gully Art and to curate the vinyl appreciation event.

This Friday, July 12, WHUT and more than 30 different artists have created original pieces on or using the light, durable plastic that's served as a medium to record our heartaches and happiness in melody.

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