The Top Ten Cosplayers at Florida Supercon

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Christina Mendenhall
This year's Florida Supercon was the best and certainly the biggest ever (as exemplified by crazy parking overflow and wall-to-wall fans of all ages). More attendees = more of an audience for over-the-top cosplay. The attendees took the opportunity to once again raise the bar with their creations.

See our favorites after the jump.

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Elisa Melendez
Ahhh! Real awesome cosplay.
10. Ahh! Real Monsters!
I'm just happy SOMEone out there remembers this show, a throwback to Nickelodeon's mid-90s heyday.

Elisa Meléndez
Tabletop character in life-size.
9. Warhammer 40K
This guy is a character from popular tabletop/video game Warhammer 40k. While he didn't end up grabbing a prize at the cosplay contest, the ability to turn a hero usually found in miniature form into a big badass is pretty damn cool.

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Dominique Troiano
Dominique Troiano

Oh gosh! That's me at #5! Thank you so very much for including me in this!

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