Five Dating Tips for Guys From a Miami Mixologist

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Miami dating expert Nikki Novo gives us advice on finding love in this hopeless place. Have a question for Nikki? Email it to

John Verrochi has experienced hundreds of first dates, No, he's not the Don Juan of the South. But close: he's a mixologist at the Shore Club.

Seriously, who better to ask for dating advice than someone with a front row seat at one of the swankiest nightlife spots in town? After years of patrolling lounges, dives, clubs, and restaurant bars throughout the East Coast -- from Boston and New York to Miami -- he's come to believe that some things are absolute when it comes to courting a lady.

And while I usually dish out tips for the ladies, these awesomely insightful pointers are geared towards the fellas. So don't say we never helped you out.

1. Be Confident
"Guys, number one, be confident! A little nervousness is ok, but women (or anyone for that matter) do not respond positively to weakness. If you're not sure of yourself, why should she be?"

2. Don't Play the Numbers Game
"Go for the one (or, okay, two maximum) woman that really catches your eye on a given night. Because if she's noticed you, she's also noticed your (lack of) game before you got to her. Quality, not quantity, fellas."

3. Don't Overdo the First Date
"While you may be head over heels with her, and taking her to Zuma or Prime 112 for your first date seems like the reasonable step, it sets a pretty high bar for any subsequent affairs. If you happen to be someone of means, then by all means take her out for any type of extravagance you can afford. For the non-jet set, however, a sexy wine or cocktail bar, an appetizer, and some good conversation will do you just as well. Also, stay away from clubs on a first date. There are too many distractions and it's too loud to hear anything. But it is a great place to ditch a bad date."

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These are all good pointers, I think guys are lacking when it comes to being a gentleman on a date. 

There are lot of other dating advice that men need to hear before going on a date, because the standards have been set so low now its ridiculous.

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