Forget Tropical Storm Chantal, Sharknado Attacks Tonight! Watch the Trailer

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So you heard about a tropical storm with South Florida in its path, and you performed your annual hurricane ritual: stocking up on water and booze, filling your gas tank, making sure you have plenty to read. And then Chantal dissipated out in the Caribbean, and you thought you were safe.

But you were wrong. Sharknado is coming.

The SyFy original movie about a tornado of sharks (yes, really) that stars Tara Reid (yes, really), released an extended trailer yesterday, just one day before the movie hits TV screens. Tonight, the Sharknado will rise. And it will be so stupid. (And awesome!)

The city under Sharknado attack this time is Los Angeles, which might seem a safe distance from the 305. But don't get too comfortable, Miami. As you can see in the trailer, the Sharknado began with a hurricane. And it's hurricane season.

Here are a few stills, just in case you are still unconvinced:

Washed-up former teen stars? SHARKNADO.

Dude on the beach missing a leg and covered in fake gore? SHARKNADO.

CGI ocean beast descending on unsuspecting woman? SHARKNADO.

In short, you better add a shark-slicing chainsaw to your hurricane supplies list.


Sharknado plays on SyFy tonight, July 11, at 9 p.m.

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