George Takei Disses the Tea Party and Talks About Life as a LGBT Advocate

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"The trouble with supporting things is that then you get bombarded by so many other people," he said. "But Married and Counting, a film I narrated [about a same-sex couple traveling the country to try to get married in any state that will let them], that's good to do."

He also spoke of Bridegroom, a documentary project that really connected with him.

"It's by this guy, Shane, who had this beautiful relationship with this gorgeous guy, Tom. Tom was posing for photos on top of their roof and he fell from five stories up and died," Takei said. "He came from a very rigid family that didn't approve of their relationship. When his mother came to their home, she took the things that belonged to Tom with her. Shane let her do that.

"And when he went to the funeral, he was threatened with death. They're gun owners. And when Tom was buried, they made sure that Shane couldn't be buried nearby."

The way Takei describes it, Tom's parents bought the plots on either side of their son's "pre-need, as they say" for their own use, to keep Tom and Shane apart even in death.

"Shane did a YouTube thing that went viral," Takei recalled. "Then this documentary was made about the story and I wanted to help him out. So I supported his IndieGoGo campaign and we went to the opening. But when you do that, here comes the other thing about social media. Everyone now wants help."

Because Takei has 4.2 million fans on Facebook and because he is able to muster support for the causes he promotes, he hears a lot of heartbreaking stories like Tom and Shane's.

"They're all wonderful, important things," he told us. "But Facebook now has this other policy, something about the algorithm, that says if I don't get enough likes and shares on the posts, they count it against me. And if I want to have everything I put on there posted, I would have to pay for it. There are these costs. So there might be someone who needs help financially because they're dying of cancer and you want to help them out, of course. But where do you make the decision to draw the line? It's very difficult. I get at least a dozen a day of these appeals. Over a week or so, it becomes hundreds."

But Takei wants to stress that he is grateful for his fans' support and tries to give as much back to them as he can.

"When I go to conventions like Supercon, I'm reminded that we -- meaning Star Trek -- are now 47-years-old since we went on the air. In 2016, we'll be 50 and celebrating our golden anniversary. This phenomenon was not created by Gene Roddenberry. He created that world but the phenomenon was created by the fans and their undying devotion to the show. I go to the conventions because we owe them this same loyalty."

That's it for George Takei. If there's something else you want to know about the man, you should head over to the Florida Supercon and ask him yourself.

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