South Beach Bike Week: Daytona-Style Motorcycle Rally Coming in August

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Get ready to rev those engines, easy riders. South Beach Bike Week is rolling into town, running August 16 through 18. And no, they're not talking about the bikes you pedal with your own two feet.

For the first time ever, our little slice of paradise will have its own Daytona-esque rally, complete with biker babes, wet t-shirt contests and lots of testosterone.

Headquartered at the Clevelander Hotel, South Beach Bike Week has dozens of events lined up, and organizers are expecting thousands of hogs to head into town for the three-day ode to horsepower, sex appeal, and good old fashioned freedom.

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Marketing director and founder Diego Caiola says he started the fest after wondering why the hell South Florida didn't have its own bash already.

"It's probably the biggest motorcycle event down here ever -- there's been nothing like this. Everyone's really excited, a lot of companies want to be a part of it," Caiola says.

The event lineup includes everything from a wet t-shirt contest and a Miami Heat dancer meet and greet/motorcycle wash to an oyster-eating contest and a pool party. There'll be cruising, tattoo battling, volleyball playing, airbrushing, and all kinds of vendors hocking hog swag.

And yes, in true motorcycle rally fashion, one lucky lady will be crowned Ms. 2013 South Beach Bike Week.

There are also celebrity appearances in the works, although mum's the word thus far on names. Caiola hints that the stars will likely be motorcycle enthusiasts (and hail from the immediate area).

"We're expecting thousands and thousands of people to invade South Beach," Caiola says. "There's nothing going on in August down here, not a single convention at the Convention Center, no events. All the local businesses are really happy about this. It's going to bring a good amount of money here for our city."

Speaking of local businesses, Caiola says they're partnering with Lush, the Abbey Brewing Company and Automatic Slims (to name a few) for events.

And it's not all about the party -- they're also donating a portion of proceeds to Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Miami. So your debauchery can benefit a good cause, at least.

The rally runs August 16, 17 and 18 across South Beach, with The Clevelander as its headquarters. Check out the website for more details on the event.

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The Clevelander Hotel

1020 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, FL

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This event sounds like it will be a nightmare...first of all their FB page is non existent, all their venues say TBA, the event is in a couple of weeks away and no venues... and a ride to the everglades?? Really?? I will believe it when I see it. The organizer clearly has no idea of what bikers here really like. Seems like they are just after the $$ from "sponsors" .


Are there custom builders showing up?  Are there food/beer concession stands or just ocean drive restaurants?  Its great for biz on the beach so I pray a ton of bikers come to the beach and leave safely.  I looked on website and found some more info is coming.  Any other info out there? 


This is wont be the biggest.  The toys for tots in dec. is SF's biggest event, in case no one noticed i95 being shut down and police escorted, awesome scene and event.  I will attend this but on my cannondale not my hog. 

Best of luck and have fun!


As a biker who has attended Daytona, Sturgis, Myrtle Beach, Laconia, Durango, and Laconia motorcycle rallys, I think this is a bad idea.  It's going to be a huge traffic jam with no parking.  Part of going to bike events is the riding, and riding in Miami sucks.

And no Craig it won't be worse than urban beach weekend because most bikers are white!

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