Meet Offbeatr, a Kickstarter-esque Crowdfunding Site for Porn (NSFW)

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Just your average Offbeatr project.
A comic book series about vampires. Zach Braff's new movie. A new digital projector for an indie movie theater. Cat Girl porn.

One of those things is not like the others.

The comic, movie, and projector are all projects you might find at the popular crowdfunding website Kickstarter. If you're trying to raise money for your idea about arts, film, technology, or food, it's a decent place to begin. But Kickstarter's guidelines explicitly ban projects involving pornographic material.

That's where Offbeatr comes in.

Offbeatr is the logical outcome of Kickstarter, according to Internet Rule 34: If it exists, there is porn of it. Like Kickstarter, Offbeatr helps folks fund books, movies, games, and other projects. But unlike Kickstarter, Offbeatr is all about getting freaky.

So while your white-bread do-gooders over at Kickstarter are funneling their funds into new portable speaker technology and publishing a tome of short stories, you can get busy funding, well, Cat Girl porn. (It's exactly what it sounds like.) Or Stuffedface, a would-be online community for people who enjoy sitting on others' faces (or having their own faces sat upon). Or a Swedish fetish film about tentacles attacking a woman:

Hell, there's even a porn project based on Rule 34. Super meta, man.

Offbeatr welcomes projects of all types -- gay, straight, face-sitters, tentacle lovers, what have you. But its offerings so far are pretty slim. The site launched in August of last year, but for a steamy sex site, it hasn't seemed to pick up much steam. Maybe horny browsers don't want to wait the months or years it could take for their contributions to come to fruition. Or maybe the internet is so flooded with free porn that online pervs would rather save their dollars for helping their pal's band out on Kickstarter.

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