Mini Golf at Coral Gables Museum: Gators, Veggies, and Giant Bunnies

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Miami is nothing if not unconventional. What other city spends $2.5 million to build a technicolor, dolphin-vomiting sculpture in an empty ballpark? Or faces attacks by face-eating zombies? Or has unlicensed plastic surgeons who inject Fix-a-Flat into women's asses? We're so, uh, quirky.

So the one-of-a-kind putt putt course in the Coral Gables Museum is right up Miami's alley. Not your average small town mini golf, this one was built by architects, landscapers, and contractors -- and it's so very Miami.

The course is strategically situated at the back of the museum, and it comes complete with putters, giant bunny rabbits and beer. Yes, beer. The concession stand sells t-shirts, snacks and Coors Light.

On a Sunday afternoon, the course was packed with kiddos. In slight disorder, the putting order was way off track, but everyone appeared to be having a blast. Kids were whacking balls all over the place, weaving on and around AstroTurf.

And while the room seemed a wee bit crowded, you can't beat air-conditioned comfort in the heat of summer.

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Coral Gables Museum

285 Aragon Ave., Coral Gables, FL

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