Miami's Tatu Baby on Her Return to Ink Master

Courtesy of Spike TV
Last year, Miami's own Tatu Baby (AKA Katherine Flores) stole viewers' hearts (and other extremities) during her turn on Spike TV's Ink Master. With a sexy, pin-up style and impressive skill with the needle, people were all abuzz about this local girl.

In fact, despite elimination, she earned an unprecedented invitation back for season three.

Now that the show has finished filming and is about to air, we spoke to Katherine on big surprises, her advantages as a seasoned vet -- and repping the 305.

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Cultist: Do you feel like you had a real advantage as a former contestant?
Tatu Baby: I kind of feel like I had an advantage and a disadvantage. I had an advantage because I knew the tight schedule we were going to be on but I feel like I had a disadvantage because everyone was going to expect so much more from me.

What else was different this time around?
I definitely feel like I opened up a little more this season -- I feel like I really wanted to win and I really felt a lot more pressure this season than last season.

Did you have a specific strategy for this season?
I tried to just do good tattoos and my same strategy was to choose my challenges wisely and just do the best that I can each time.

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