Critical Mass Afterparty to Commemorate Miami's 117th Birthday

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At 117, Miami is looking damn good for her age. Sure, she's gone under the knife a time or two, but who hasn't? And to celebrate her upcoming birthday, you can live it up at tonight's Magic City Bike Party.

The Critical Mass after-bash at Grand Central Park will host a tribute to our gracefully aging city with food trucks, beer, music, fire dancers, and all kinds of other festive fun.

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In addition to music (à la bicycle sound systems), a skate park, beer, and cupcakes, there'll be fire breathers, stilt walkers, and other daredevil-esque performances courtesy of Dangerfun Sideshow.

As far as edible options, food trucks will include Ms. Cheezious, Latin Burger, Health Nut on Wheels, and MexZican. "There will be beer for sale on draft and cans," says Rydel Deed of the Miami Bike Scene.

"This is the inaugural event, and it will most likely be a monthly party following every last Friday of the Critical Mass ride. It's not a food truck rally, just an afterparty for Critical Mass riders with food and drink options," Deed adds.

And rightly so. Twelve miles on two wheels is cause for major refueling.

The Magic City Bicycle Collective will also be on hand with a repair stand, music, and T-shirts. You can learn how to change a tire or grease up those gears from these folks.

The party kicks off at 8 tonight, after Critical Mass, at Grand Central Park. Admission to the event is free, and all bar proceeds will go toward improvements and maintenance of the park.

So board those bikes and show Miami some birthday love.

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Grand Central Park

700 N. Miami Ave., Miami, FL

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Miami Bike Scene has done such a great job in getting the community together in a fun, healthy way. 


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Anthonyvop1 topcommenter

I have had it with these arrogant, self-absorbed, a-holes.  They want drivers to respect them on the road?  Fine.  

Pay for a License plate like we do. 

Pay for a Driver's license like we do. 

Require them to have insurance like we do.

Make the cops enforce the traffic laws they so commonly ignore. 


@Anthonyvop1 The reason why drivers need licensing and insurance is because motoring is responsible for 38,000 deaths a year and hundreds of millions in property damage. The bicycle is just not capable of that much death and destruction. 'Arrogant' and 'self-absorbed' to me sounds like someone that can't handle thousands of their fellow Miamians out enjoying their city in relative safety ONCE and month for an hour.

There is a reason why no country on the planet imposes such onerous requirements on a benign and healthy means of transportation like bicycles - it's because it's completely necessary and a total waste of money and resources..

Anthonyvop1 topcommenter

@cpchester The reason why drivers need licensing and insurance is to pay for the roads we use.  We also pay Gasoline tax and tolls.  Bicycle riders contribute ZERO while causing traffic and aggravation.

Tell me they are "benign" the next time I am stuck behind some Spandex wearing douches riding 3 wide, blocking my way on Old Cutler Road when there is a Bicycle Path that my Tax dollars paid for.


Anthonyvop1 topcommenter

@needs_to_be_more_organized @Anthonyvop1  

Actually driving is a right.  only driving on public roads is a privilege.

And yes there are morons on both sides but the percentage is much higher on the cyclist side.  You see they trust that state and local laws will protect them and they refuse to acknowledge the only law that really matters.....the law of physics.


@Anthonyvop1 lol you act like driving is a right, driving is a privilege like wise is cycling 

you have to face idiots and morons violating the traffic laws both on a car or a bicycle everyday 


@Anthonyvop1 @cpchester "The average U.S. resident actually pays anywhere between $2 and $0.90 less than the actual market value of gasoline because of government subsidies."

So yes. And by the way, you seem like a limited government, right wing type. So why are you cheerleading for more government in the licensing of cyclists? Do you realize that bicycling is an inherently conservative activity? And there is absolutely nothing inherently conservative  about driving an automobile? Read the Conservative Case for cycling:

Anthonyvop1 topcommenter

@cpchester Most heavily Subsidized?

HAHAHAHA  Like Solyndra?  Like Fisker?  Like Tesla?

In your world because we pay less gas tax then those morons in Europe it means it is subsidized?

Holy crap!  

We also pay the highest Corporate tax rate on the planet.  How does that fit into your entitlement agenda?


@Anthonyvop1 @cpchester Because driving is the most heavily subsidized transportation activity on the planet given it's external costs, and the fact that user fees don't even begin to pay for it all. You are so blinded by your own tailpipe you don't realize everything about driving from the roads to the fuel, is all massively subsudized. We actually pay some of the lowest gas prices on the planet because of all the artificial subsidies thrown in to make it cheap. If we paid the real cost of fuel without subsidizing it to higher levels that even socialist countries, you'd see even more people on bikes.

Anthonyvop1 topcommenter

@cpchester Driving miles are down slightly recently due to the Obama recession (High taxes + High Unemployment + High Fuel prices tend to keep people at home).  Auto sales are going up and once the economy rebounds you best get out of the way. 

Anthonyvop1 topcommenter

@cpchester @Anthonyvop1 Only an Left-Wing, Anti-Business, Leech would consider the ownership of a car an economic loss.

Seriously?  How is the manufacture, distribution, sale, maintenance and upkeep of a product that ranges from $15 to 100's of Thousands of dollars a Loss and a product you can buy at Wal-Mart for $125 a gain?

Please explain that to me.

I will even forget that the report was created by a bicycle manufacturing group

Anthonyvop1 topcommenter

@cpchester @Anthonyvop1 And so are more cars and people behind the wheel who are getting fed up with the attitude of people like you and vote.

.......The days of politicians catering to special interests and entitlements will soon be coming to an end. 


@Anthonyvop1 @cpchester You should stop being so angry because bicycles aren't going anywhere. In fact, there are more people riding for transportation, fun and health every single day. 

Anthonyvop1 topcommenter

@cpchester Think what ya want.  At least I am not a pretentious, wannabee, hipster who is a leech on society like you.  


@Anthonyvop1 @cpchester Dead giveaway that anyone who uses the term 'avid cyclist' is almost certainly not.

Anthonyvop1 topcommenter

@cpchester @Anthonyvop1 Cyclist only pay for our roads with a small sales tax when they purchase their bikes.....That is it.
They cause traffic and accidents.

They waste time of others with their hobby.

They constantly violate traffic laws.

Then they have the unmitigated gall to act like they are somehow better.   Your not.  you are pretentious jerks and a drain of society.

The best thing is I am an avid cyclists but I respect others. I only ride on side streets with little or no traffic.  I respect all laws(Yes I stop at all stop signs) and I move off the road ASAP when a car comes up behind to let them pass.

It is obvious by your entitlement attitude that you don't.  


@Anthonyvop1 You sound quite arrogant. The fact is roads are a public good, to be used by the public and paid for by the public which they are. Cyclists DO pay for the roads as I've repeatedly told you. The reason why drivers pay additional taxes is because they impart additional impacts on the roadway and environment! Isn't that pretty obvious? And if you were truly as productive a member of society as you claim to be, you would not spend so much time on roads clogged with cars idling in traffic, as they are every single day. Roads clogged with cars = being productive but riding a bicycle isnt? You need you head checked.

Anthonyvop1 topcommenter

@cpchester Ignorance is Bliss for you.  Florida has a state Gasoline Tax that goes to pay for Florida roads and.........Miami-Dade county has a Local Gasoline tax for local roads.

It doesn't matter how much of the money is directed.  The fact is Cyclist get a FREE RIDE while causing traffic and aggravation along with violating ,many traffic laws.

Whenever you have to slow down for a cyclist it costs me gas and time.  And by being a productive member of society my time is money.

You want to play......You should have to pay.


@Anthonyvop1 The federal gasoline tax, once again, only goes to fund the interstate highway network - where bicycles are not allowed. Even that fee only accounts for less than 50% of the funding needed to maintain the entire system because it hasn't been raised since 1993 and is not adjusted for inflation. The relatively small fees from licenses don't even cover the administrative costs of operating the Department of Motor Vehicles, let alone using any of that funding for roads.  The Rickenbacker tolls do go toward maintenance of the various bridges and  guess what - it's not the bikes causing the wear and tear causing the bridges to be replaced. It's the thousands of 2 ton vehicles pounding it every day. If anything, the county should be encouraging more cyclists to ride for transportation so they would not have to replace bridges and roadways so often.

Anthonyvop1 topcommenter

@cpchester Are you stating that the Taxes levied through Tags and licenses do not contribute to the building and maintenance of roads?  How about the Gasoline tax? 

The fact that many cyclist also have cars is immaterial to the debate.  Using that argument a Limo or a bus I ride in shouldn't have a tag or be licensed because I own some cars.

One of the best places to view cyclists at their worst in Miami-Dade County is on Rickenbacker Causeway.....A TOLL ROAD.


@Anthonyvop1 This is another classic misunderstanding that comes up frequently. 'Roads' are not paid for by licensing and insurance fees. They are paid for by general tax funds that overwhelmingly come from property, sales and income taxes - taxes that every citizen pays in some fashion. The vast majority of roads that are tolled are limited-access highways, which cyclists can't use anyhow. And bicycles impart virtually no damage and wear and tear on the roads, unlike 2,500 lb vehicles. Not to mention, most cyclists you pass on the road are also drivers. Have you ever considered that? You're misguided and shortsighted opinion is somewhat common, but quickly and easily debunked by anyone that has the slightest idea on how roads and infrastructure are paid for and maintained.

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