Seven Epic Nerd Tattoos at Florida Supercon 2013

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Photos by Elisa Melendez
When you're a geek, there are myriad ways to show your fandom. You could devote hours to researching backstories and lore. You could embody your favorite characters through cosplay. Or you could opt for a more permanent option.

At Florida Supercon, we saw a host of people with geeky tattoos. Check out seven examples after the jump.

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7. UNSC (Halo)
Bane felt like showing off his love for Halo with this chest piece. It's unfinished, but the guy blames the pain. Maybe he should channel some of that Bane character for his next sitting.

6. Zerg (Starcraft)
The Zerg Swarm are a genetically superior race to humans and are extremely powerful. No wonder this get this tattoo.

5. 8-bit Hearts
Somebody give this guy a health potion!

4. Goomba and Koopa (Mario)
This guy wears the characters we love to stomp the most. No word on whether he's planning on adding Bullet Bill or all seven of Bowser's kids to the list.

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Cary Gonzalez
Cary Gonzalez

I've always wondered what it must feel like be 80 years old with wrinkled cartoon characters permanently etched on your body....

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