Seven Historic Moments at the Coconut Grove Convention Center

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It's hard for Miami to retain its history when historic buildings keep getting torn down. "Historic," to some developers, must be code for "old, ugly, and replacable."

The latest piece of history to get a cease-to-exist order is the Coconut Grove Convention Center, formally the Dinner Key Auditorium, and sometimes referred to as the Coconut Grove Expo Center.

Most recently known for housing the filming headquarters of USA Network's Burn Notice, the Convention Center has held its fair share of memorable events -- including a wild Doors concert in the late '60s. At least we got some good use out of it, Miami.

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Tom Falco, editor and publisher of the Coconut Grove Grapevine blog, filled us in on the finer points of the CGCC's history. Though Falco admits that most historical landmarks in Miami "seem to be gone at this point," he says he hopes the Grove can retain its unique "flavor" and preserve its "special waterfront."

The best way to preserve anything - aside from photographs - is memory. So stroll with us as we remember the Coconut Grove Convention Center.

Flickr, mainmanwalkin
7. The Doors' 1969 concert
What do you think when you hear the words "Dinner Key Auditorium"? If you were around for the Doors concert in 1969, you might think of Jim Morrison, who allegedly exposed himself during the show. Calling the event "the biggest memory" of the CGCC, Falco recalls seeing a PBS documentary about The Doors, When You're Strange (2010): "It was amazing to see the film footage from right inside the Expo Center... you could actually see Jim Morrison in the place, and the background, walls, and everything looks exactly the same today."

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Coconut Grove Convention Center

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Jim Morrison getting arrested is less memorable than the cuban nostalgia expo? 


A dozen Burn Notice superfans got a tour of the convention center stages last week and we had a blast, in a non-Burn Notice way. We were thrilled to see it and to get a glimpse of all the great memories the show created for us there. Many thanks to the show and crew for letting us in.

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