What to Wear to Supercon: Costume Advice From Callie Cosplay

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Callie Cosplay as the world's sexiest Starfleet Officer.
Summer is here! And while for some that might mean beach adventures and hours spent toasting in the sun, for others it's convention season.

While some folks attend conventions as mere mortals, it's always more fun to let your super hero - or super geek - alter-ego come out to play.

This year's Florida Supercon, which takes place through Sunday at the Miami Airport Convention Center, will have some pretty colorfully dressed guests. "It's like a surprise. You're never sure what you are going to see at these types of conventions," says Farrah McEwen, VP and Co-Owner of Mac's Comics & Collectibles Inc. But one of the best parts of dressing up, she adds, is being able to "mingle with other people in your own interest groups."

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Even though there will be plenty of Han Solos, Iron Men, Black Widows and Jokers, part of costume playing involves adding your own spin to the staple character. "Use your creativity and let your imagination run wild," suggests McEwen.

Perhaps one theme con-goers will be sticking with this year will be: zombies. Various cast members of The Walking Dead will be making an appearance at Supercon, so what better way to show your admiration than making yourself look undead?

But zombies won't be the only ones invading Superon; Callie Cosplay (Leah Burroughs) thinks "with the resurgence of the Superman character with the recent release of Man of Steel, we'll be seeing a lot of Kryptonian cosplay this year." And Burroughs knows what she's talking about; as a Cosplay Ambassador at this year's convention, Callie Cosplay will be leaving her mark.

One tip she gives to cosplay newbies who want to be unique, is to be true: "Staying true to the character is what makes a costume stand out," she says. "Being passionate about the character is key because at the end of the day, cosplay is more than just faux leather and high heel boots," says Burroughs.

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Callie Cosplay channels Spider-Man's Mary Jane.
But that faux leather, and maybe even some spandex, will come in handy when putting together your own costume. If you're a little short on inspiration, let Callie Cosplay inspire you. For this year's convention, Burroughs will don four different personas: The Baroness, Black Cat, Mary Jane Watson, and a Starfleet officer.

Burroughs recommends for cosplay beginners to first "study the character and his/her costume." From there, the next step would be finding out how to put the costume together, and then getting the necessary pieces; "search local thrift stores, go online, find the separate parts, and so on." If it's your first time making your own costume and you weren't born holding a needle and thread, it's a good idea to take it easy and start with simple characters.

For a one-of-a-kind twist on fan favorite characters, Callie suggests looking at those characters' other identities. For example, here are Callie Cosplay's picks for unique costume choices:

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