Ten Striking Street Fashion Looks at Miami Swim Week 2014

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OK, so it's no secret that Miami is not New York when it comes to fashion. But when Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim comes upon us and the limelight is on our city, we run it.

Yes, even after all the talk of Miami's fashion inanity, Miami can dress to impress. Once in a while (we beg for it to happen more often), the people who do have what it takes leave their homes and comfort zones to show the nation what we've got. After all, who better than Miamians to rock a summer wardrobe? A little humidity and come rainfall don't scare us. We're all game.

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Now, to redeem ourselves, we present ten of the best looks at Swim Week 2014:

Ashli Molina
Who said you couldn't piece together an entire neon outfit and make it look good? The red lipstick blocks the entire ensemble nicely. But really, did she think fashion week was in complete darkness and felt the need to glow? Anyhow, this look epitomizes street fashion.

Was this guy indecisive about what color jacket to wear? Doesn't matter -- we love it. The color-block jacket fit in perfectly for Swim Week -- not too formal yet not too casual. And the man clutch is on point -- subtle and classy.

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Sharon Wilson Dass
Sharon Wilson Dass

Dude in this pic and a few more pics of him were definitely winners.

Cary Gonzalez
Cary Gonzalez

Interesting word "striking" to describe these "looks".....

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