The Ten Best Art Galleries in Miami

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Wynwood Walls.
During the past decade, Wynwood and the nearby Design District have become famous for their bustling art scene that today boasts upward of 75 galleries and artist-run spaces. During hyper-crowded Second Saturdays, it can be daunting to distinguish the first-class programs from the crush of galleries clamoring to leave an impression on the public.

But if you're eager to see art at the more cutting-edge spectrum of the gallery scene, there's a handful of programs you can always bank on to deliver. And guess what -- not all of them are in Wynwood.

Here is a list of the bigger gallery names and alternative spaces that aren't afraid to push boundaries and have earned Miami its international reputation.

Willy Ronis, Les Amoureux de la Bastille, Paris, 1957
10. Dina Mitrani Gallery
Opened in late 2008, Dina Mitrani's contempo photo emporium has become a must-visit sanctuary for genre lovers. Focused exclusively on photography, Mitrani's eponymous gallery is a platform for emerging, midcareer, and established shutterbugs. Housed in what used to be her father's clothing factory for four decades, Mitrani consistently delivers top-drawer shows, including one of our favorite Art Basel exhibits, "Willy Ronis: Paris," which drew hordes of photography and art aficionados to Wynwood and reflected a critical program committed to showcasing both the classic and the contemporary.

Dina Mitrani Gallery, 2620 NW Second Ave., Miami; 786-486-7248;

Alma Leiva_In Celda 1 edited.jpeg
Alma Leiva, Celda #1
9. 6th Street Container
This rectangular alt-asylum might not be where you would expect to discover a hotbed of invigorating exhibits, but the 6th Street Container's odd configuration adds charm to its Little Havana location. Launched two years ago by indie curator and artist Adalberto Delgado and his partner Maria Amores, the gallery, located in a building housing a barbershop, a black-box theater, a dance studio, and several artist spaces, is curatorially driven and has earned a reputation for seamless solo and group shows and provocative performances presented on a monthly basis. Edgy in nature and always experimental while focusing on every conceivable genre of media, the 6th Street Container is at the forefront of cultural rebirth in Little Havana and a home for art outside the mainstream.

6th Street Container, 1155 SW Sixth St. (rear entrance through alley), Miami; 786-587-5279;

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Fredric Snitzer Gallery

1540 NE Miami Ct., Miami, FL

Category: General

David Castillo Gallery

420 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, FL

Category: General

Spinello Projects

2930 NW 7th Ave., Miami, FL

Category: General

Emerson Dorsch

151 NW 24th St., Miami, FL

Category: General

Locust Projects

3852 N. Miami Ave., Miami, FL

Category: General

Wynwood Walls

2550 NW 2nd Ave., Miami, FL

Category: General

Primary Projects

151 NE 7th St., Miami, FL

Category: General

Dimensions Variable

100 NE 11th St., Miami, FL

Category: General

6th Street Container

1155 SW 6th St., Miami, FL

Category: General

Dina Mitrani Gallery

2620 NW 2nd Ave., Miami, FL

Category: General

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Andy Cole
Andy Cole

That's not surprising! There are only two good galleries in Wynwood. The Harold Golen Gallery and the Now Gallery.

Alexander Fernandez
Alexander Fernandez

Missing a bunch of the best. Just for one, Artspace Virginia Miller was edgy b4 Wynwood was even an idea.


@Alexander Fernandez  ?????? worst gallery ever ! please artists do not trust your artwork to this gallery

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