Three Reasons Why a Summer Fling Is Worth It

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If you've been in Miami long enough, you've undoubtedly experienced the phenomenon of summer flings. The same way Northerners seem to couple during the cold months to avoid boredom, we do the same during the hot months.

Maybe the heat makes us lazy. Maybe it's the fact we're all wearing less clothing. Whatever the reason may be, it's hard to meet a local who doesn't have a story about that one epic summer spent dating the kind of beautiful disaster you don't bring home to mom.

Unfortunately, these types of relationships get a bad rep. So much so, that you've promised yourself not to get involved in this kind of dating that always seems to come with an expiration date. After all, someone is bound to get hurt, and it's a total waste of time, right?

Well, what if I told you a summer fling could be just what the love doctor ordered? That's right. A hot, sweaty, no-strings-attached fling may be just the thing you need in order to be catapulted in the right direction when it comes to finding real love. Tempted? Read on.

1. Not all Relationships are Meant to Last
Gasp. Yes, I said it. I know we go into each relationship with the hopes of walking down the aisle, moving into a house in the Gables or Belle Meade, and raising 2.5 children. But the reality is relationships are assignments given to us by the universe. Some are harder than others. But nonetheless, every person that comes our way is meant to teach us some sort of lesson -- big and small.

We often tend to assume that every relationship we experience is meant to last for the long haul. We then begin to create expectations, plan for the future, and place this person on a pedestal. When it doesn't work out, we're both confused and heartbroken.

This cycle is exactly why so many of us fear dating and rather not even try. Why bother? We're bound to be disappointed, anyway. But what if we went into it knowing that each encounter is a gift and an opportunity for growth? In other words: don't sweat it, and instead enjoy it while it lasts.

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