Real Housewives of Miami's Adriana de Moura on Getting Naked for Animals and Hating Joanna Krupa

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Still nursing your Real Housewives season premiere hangover? Just be happy we've made it to this point. Hell, we didn't think season one would make it past three episodes.

Since that first fateful season, we have seen some ladies come (Lisa Hochstein and Joanna Krupa) and some go (Cristy Rice, Larsa Pippen and Karent Sierra). Only a few wives have survived receiving a pink slip. One of those people is Adriana de Moura.

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De Moura got her start as the art dealing/beautiful Brazilian, and she has stayed true to her character. And in true Bravo fashion, she has taken her 15 minutes of fame and turned it into reality riches. From the runways of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim to serving as the face of Holt Swimwear, the girl has stayed busy. And as of last week, she is officially a model for PETA, doing her best to save Miami Seaquarium's Lolita.

So in light of the season three debut last night, we chatted with the newlywed about her big day, what's to come this season and how much she actually hates Joanna Krupa.

New Times: How did you and PETA get together?
Adriana de Moura: Well, it's pretty simple: I am Brazilian. My country has been on the forefront of animal rights since the early '90s. When I was asked to be the face of the new campaign, I didn't even think twice. It was an instant yes. I grew up outside, in the water, and I have always loved animals. It just made sense.

So... how does it feel to be completely naked in front of the whole world?
Again, I am Brazilian. Shy isn't how people would describe me, but on the day of the shoot, I was so nervous. The crew was huge: camera guys, E! News was there, assistants, too many men! Maybe next time it will just be girls.

And what about your son? How does he feel about it?
I talked to him before I did it. I wanted to make sure he approved. It wasn't inappropriate nakedness. It was for a great cause. He was just wanted to make sure it was classy. I just didn't want him to be embarrassed.

Does he still think its cool that his mom is a Real Housewife?
He is so blasé about the whole thing. But now that girls are catching his eyes, he doesn't mind when they ask him at school about me or him being on the show. I figure it's an icebreaker for him, right?

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