Below Deck Season Finale Tonight: Six Truths and Unrealities of the Awkward World of Yachting

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Justin Stephens/Bravo
As a former yachty myself, I've been saying for years that there needs to be a reality show on yachting. If you've watched the Bravo reality series Below Deck, for even just ten minutes, you'll see why the industry is freaking hilarious.

The combination of good looking people, tiny encapsulated spaces, tremendous wealth, and, of course, booze is the perfect equation for some awkward antics.

However, as is the case with most reality shows, this one is full of crap. If you were considering packing up your desk job to head out to sea, you might want to read on. We bring six embarrassing truths and unrealities about the real yachting industry.

Ali Goodwin/Bravo

Hooking Up Onboard
This one is kind of a given. Take a group of young, attractive young people and add alcohol, and you will inevitably find some drunken hook-ups going down. However, it's not uncommon to end up in bed with someone you would have never considered on land -- i.e. the uncomfortable relationship between Sam and CJ on the show. This strange phenomena is known as the "desert mirage." It's like you're stranded in the desert, thirsty and alone, and you start hallucinating water, because you're so thirsty. Sometimes you just take what you can get.

Anyone who has ever seen a group of yachties on a night out after an owners trip or charter knows this one is a given. Yes, it is definitely considered binge drinking, but it kind of makes sense. After working 16-hour-plus days for weeks in a row, cooped up in a tiny space, it's like releasing a party animal from its cage. Add that to the thousand dollar charter tip, and you know some bottles will be popping -- and that those extra thousand bucks will inexplicably disappear (seriously, it happens). That being said, on most boats it is not acceptable for the crew to drink on charter -- Sam, CJ, and Kat would be on the dock in a heartbeat.

Seeing the World Through a Porthole
There's an episode in which Sam is complaining about being stuck ironing the guests' clothes all day long. While it does seem ridiculous that individuals would pack a bag and expect someone else to unpack and iron its entire contents, that's part of the job. It is not uncommon for crew members to get stuck "seeing the world through a porthole," as we like to say. You might get the stamp in your passport and you can technically say you've been to St. Barts, but chances are you're not getting off the boat -- unless you're taking out the garbage.

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Your article is spot on. Below Deck has condensed it but there it just feels like the tip of the iceberg. They're doing a second season but are skipping the Med. It's a shame really.

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