Real Housewives of Miami on the Feuds, Friends, and Hot Messes of "Unpredictable" Season Three (VIDEO)

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Jeff Daly/Bravo
Alexia Echevarria, Adriana De Moura, Joanna Krupa, and Lea Black at Tuesday night's premiere party.
Just imagine it: all the people you love to make fun of all in one room. And it doesn't stop there -- you're also surrounded by their trainwreck friends, families. and house cleaning staff.

Welcome to the Real Housewives of Miami premiere!

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To kick off season three, Andy Cohen swiped the Bravo corporate card to throw our gals a little party. To set the mood, they decided on venue Lou La Vie to top off a beautiful Magic City evening.

What is Lou La Vie you ask? According to Google, it's a luxury car rental company. Yes, people rent their vehicles there, but we promise you it isn't as bougie as it sounds. The space was gorgeous, the booze was flowing, the cater-waiters were hotter than the lack of AC, and honestly, what more do you need?

The reason for the party: our ladies got themselves a season three. If you were a big fan of Karent Sierra in dos season de housewives, we are sorry to inform you she has "passed." (Those are Marysol Patton's words, not ours.)

She and the rest of the cast -- Joanna Krupa, Adriana de Moura, Ana Quincoces, Lea Black, Alexa Echevarria, and Lisa Hochstein -- were ready to throw shade at one another. Just watch the interview; you won't regret it, Bravolebrity lovers:

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