Real Housewives of Miami, Episode Three: Marriage With a Side of Murder

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Episode three of The Real Housewives of Miami features possibly the saddest thing since Miley Cyrus' performance at the VMAs. Pobre Adriana has to stand in the rain for a cab because her car is broken down. Plus, she's fighting with her best friend over a piece of paper, loans, and Bravo reunions. All you have there is a hot ass mess.

Lea is mad at Adriana. Adriana is mad at Lea. And all they both want to do is make analogies regarding how the storm is much like their relationship. See? They have something in common already! Progress.

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Here's a quick analogy for you: We know a girl who models in NYC. Her apartment is paid for her, she travels constantly to the most beautiful places, and 99% of her boyfriends have a seven-figure salary. When she begins to speak of a "bad day," we quickly tune her out. Joanna Krupa has begun to have that same effect on us. Please don't talk about your relationship and sex woes while sitting VIP at the Sony Ericsson watching one of the best players in tennis. How about you just bone Romain right then and there? Hey, we would have. (Call us, Romain!)

If your heart is anything like ours, it's a tad cold, a little dark, and with very little sympathy to be given. On that note, congratulations Mrs. Lisa Hochstein! Even we can't help but shed a tear for you. Her trouble with infertility is nothing new, but somehow, it's still sad. Let's all just take a minute to say a little prayer that when her husband is "pounding her like a chicken cutlet" (her quote, not ours), a little Hochstein is made.

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