Red Bull Flugtag 2013: Ranking Miami's Teams, From Fat Guys in Tights to Flying Manatees

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Photo by Ian Witlen
Miami's Red Bull Flugtag is fast approaching, and with all the teams officially in place, it's do or die time for wannabe flyers. From manatees to fat dudes in tights to moon-walking, these crews are covering all kinds of ground. And let's face it, no matter what flying contraptions take to the air on September 21, we'll all be endlessly entertained by their belly flops into the bay.

But to make things interesting (and possibly stoke some illegal wagering) here's our completely unofficial, completely arbitrary, completely baseless ranking of this year's local roster. In total, 33 teams will compete in Miami during Flugtag's five-city flight fest this year, but these six hail from the 305. Hometown pride, baby. Enjoy.

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Courtesy of the National Red Bull Flugtag website
JON: Fish Out Of Water
Fish don't do too well when out of water, so we're not sure this team name inspires much confidence. However, the crew does include an architect, experienced parade float builders, and fiercely competitive dudes who make bold claims about their ability to build a sky-worthy craft. Let's hope they don't follow in the failing footsteps of Miami's other fish: the Marlins.
Chances: Marginal. If the goldfish we've seen flopping on countertops is any indication, we're rather skeptical.

Courtesy of the National Red Bull Flugtag website
Captain Hook's Revenge
If Peter Pan grew up, he'd undoubtedly get old and fat like everyone else. Beer bellies are surely a thing in Neverland, too. And this crew is filling a flying pirate ship with, to quote team leader Victor Guedez, "A bunch of fat guys wearing tights, fighting with swords and making a fool of themselves." Well, we'll be entertained if nothing else.
Chances: Not so hot. Tights are terribly confining, so the lack of flexibility may hinder their skills in the sky.

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Courtesy of the National Red Bull Flugtag website
Manatee Grew Wings
Everyone loves a cuddly sea cow. And since we scarcely see them in the water (unless morons are riding them), at least we'll get to see one of these chubby cuties take to the skies. Mega Flugtag fan Dan Vesce designed a craft online in 2012 and won a contest to pilot a 7-11 Honorary Craft at last year's event, so this dude knows what he's doing.
Chances: Good. Manatees give us the warm fuzzies.

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Hi Hannah,.. i am a team member of the flying panthers, thanks for the mention!! :) We will see everyone there tomorrow! Please come by the hanger and say hi!

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