Ten Signs You're a Miami Art Snob

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In Miami, there are two kinds of art lovers. There are the casual fans of gallery exhibits, people more interested in the after-party and the nearby food trucks than they are in the work itself. And then there are the Art Snobs.

These are the lovers of Art with a capital 'A.' They know all the Wynwood galleries by heart (though of course they're so over that scene these days). They've been following the careers of their favorite local artists ever since they graduated together from New World. And they're always down for a discussion about that fascinating article in the latest Miami Rail.

In a city like Miami, "Art Snob" isn't a derogatory term. It's a necessary way of life for people who are passionate about art living in a town where the culture -- in museums, in galleries, and in the street -- grows and evolves so quickly. A little jaded? A little too serious? Who cares? If it's all in service of Miami culture, go on with your artsy self.

Here are ten signs you might fall within Miami's arts elite.

Ian Witlen
10. You compulsively correct anybody who mispronounces "Art Basel."
Basel Week is the best week of the year in Miami -- and it's your personal mission to teach locals how to say it. For the record: It's baa-sel, as in "baa baa black sheep." Not Ba-sel, with the first syllable sounding like you're about to say "back" or "bathtub." And never, ever, ever Bay-sel, like basil. Ever.

9. You wouldn't be caught dead looking at Britto.
Not in a gallery, not on a mural, not at the Shops at Midtown, not at the Britto store at the airport. That cheesy pop art is for colorblind tourists, not sophisticated art lovers like yourself. (Even if you do secretly think Britto's response to his gallery getting tagged last year was kind of brilliant.)

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Out to LA? thats so 90's! lots of artists from New York and SF moved out there 20 years ago and it got them nowhere.  

Karina Tellez
Karina Tellez

that #1 reason hit me in the heart; my faves went off to LA last summer and I didn't even get to intern with all of them ;_;


How fucking stupid is this? Miami stupid.

Chard Beauregarde
Chard Beauregarde

Yeah, Wynwood Art Walk has kind of jumped the shark already.

Peter Zuniga
Peter Zuniga

Na 10 of 10 I would say lol ..... Don't hate

frankd4 topcommenter

well since i just bought a BRITTO piece i don't qualify however i don't have any reason to resent ART snobs on the scene

Jay Lee Mendez
Jay Lee Mendez

Peter Zuniga Harold Ortiz Jimbo Slice Red Ajo Silvio Ortega..... I think Pete got 8/10 of these lololol

jjcolagrande topcommenter

Not as stupid and counterproductive as this comment..

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