Top Five Breaking Bad End-of-Series Predictions

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Breaking Bad is nearing an end, and what will happen is anyone's guess. With Jesse snapping and Hank becoming increasingly desperate, Walt's life is now beginning to spiral out of control.

With only six episodes left in the series, Vince Gilligan will spare no air time with sub-plots. However, the show's trademark complex intertwining of characters will almost certainly contribute to the final outcome of the story. It should be as explosive as ever -- literally speaking.

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But don't count on happy endings or standard Hollywood tropes. (Not that any fan of Breaking Bad's five seasons would.) Several foreshadowings and re-occurring themes have appeared throughout the series that, in our mind, build an indication of what will happen next. One such predictor of Walt's overall fate could be the painting that appears in the third episode of season two ("Bit by a Dead Bee") and once again in season five, episode eight ("Gliding Over All"). Don't think it means anything? Take a look for yourself.

We've had our eyes out for clues to the series' end since the second half of this season debuted. If we know this show as well as we think we do, here's what to expect.

(Could we just be overthinking things? Sure. But hey, just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not coming for you. Just ask Walt.)

The moment when Todd kills Drew Sharp in "Dead Freight".
5. Walt Kills Todd
With Jesse flying off the handle, you can pretty much count on him being out of the meth business. Walt too. But the Neo-Nazis or Czechs still need someone to cook blue meth, so they enlist Todd, who is the only other person who knows Walt's formula. Todd cooks, against Walt's wishes. Walt confronts Todd and after a heated argument, Heisenberg emerges and kills Todd in order to protect his recipe. But this is simply the logical consequence of Todd's murder of Drew Sharp in "Dead Freight" (season 5, episode 5).

Skylar White: the tragic element of Breaking Bad.
4. Skyler White is Murdered
Let's assume the above prediction comes true: Todd is now dead and the Neo-Nazis are none too happy. So they seek payback in the form of murdering Walt's wife, Skyler. Alternately, Todd's death enrages the Czechs, who have lost their cook. In "Dead Freight," Walt mistakenly admits to Lydia that he has a family. Perhaps Lydia passes this information to the Czechs, who eventually show up to Walt's house and assassinate Skyler. Or maybe it's Jesse who kills her, although this is unlikely.

Whatever the reason, Skyler's death seems inevitable. She has been an unwilling partner in Walt's scheme from day one. So much of the debate about the end of the show has centered on whether Walt will live or die, but Skyler's death would be unexpected, tragic, and the ultimate consequence of Walt's actions.

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