Cash Dome's Whiteboy on His Miami Pawn Shop Reality Show: It's No "Overweight Bald Guy In Vegas"

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Josh Roth, Mickey Gallander, and Whiteboy.
Cash Dome pawnshop on US1 and Caribbean Boulevard is about to show America all about tattoos, guns, gold teeth, and how to make a buck.

For the past 25 years, shop founder Mickey Gallander has wheeled and dealed Miami through one of the oldest and toughest businesses in the world.

Now his sons Whiteboy and Josh are taking over, with TruTV there to document and broadcast it all. We caught up with Whiteboy about the new show, which premieres this Tuesday, August 13. Here's what he has to say about Cutler Ridge, a co-sign from Pitbull, and a dog named Kush.

New Times: Wassup man, how's it goin'?
Whiteboy: Great, man, I'm just leaving Circle House now, I was cutting some voice-overs there with Abebe. I just got in the car. I can't wait to get home, roll a blunt, get on my bike, and run my dog. I'm still that same nigga from years ago.

What kind of dog do you have?
I have this American Bulldog named Kush. Everyday I ride the bike and he runs with me. He's the baddest American Bulldog you'll ever see.

Is he gonna be on the show?
He does get in there a little, somewhat.

Awesome. So go ahead and tell us about the Cash Dome.
First and foremost, we ultimately respect the other pawn stores with shows in Las Vegas, Detroit, North Carolina, and New Orleans...nothing but utmost respect, they really helped viewers understand the business somewhat. Basically, my father has been a pawn broker over 25 years, and Cash Dome has been family owned and operated ever since. I was bred for this.

We wanted to create our own niche and let Miami and Florida show and stand up with our own pawn shop show. It's the only real, true to life docu-series you're gonna see, and we're proud to be on TruTV.

What's the difference to the other shows?
People don't get into screaming arguments with a security guard. It doesn't happen. We show what really happens. There's no civil war coins, there's no 1912 pickup truck. We show what really gets bought and sold: Electronics and tools.

The fat guys in Vegas ... I respect and love 'em, but the overweight bald guy ain't doin' what I do.

That old slickback white man in Detroit with the gold chain and the leather jacket, lookin' like he from the '80s -- he ain't doin' what I do.

That show in North Carolina, that show in New Orleans, they ain't doin' what I do.

I'm 31 years old, from Miami. My brother, he know every delinquent down here, and every trick in the book and this 'bout to be it. I'm not gonna let you down. You gonna love to cosign this show. You gonna watch it and you gonna be a believer. That's the difference.

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