RIP Reefa: Wynwood Clothing Company Creates Shirt in Honor of Israel Hernandez

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Courtesy of Wynwood Clothing Company
It's been 23 days since 18-year-old street artist Israel Hernandez II, also known as "Reefa," was fatally Tasered by Miami police. For his family and friends, it's undoubtedly been the longest three weeks of their lives.

To honor his memory and support his loved ones during this difficult time, Wynwood Clothing Company (WCC) has released a tributary 'RIP Reefa' t-shirt. Part of the proceeds from the shirt, which features one of Reefa's paintings, which will go directly to his family.

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As WCC's description of the shirt reads, "Israel Hernandez II was not famous, had no published works or commissioned murals, but this shirt is for him and for the potential he had taken away from him as a young artist as he was tasered to death by police after tagging a wall."

WCC co-founder Cinthia Santos collaborated with Reefa's sister, Offir Hernandez, to implement the design.

"This tee pays homage to the drive, spirit, and innocence that once drove us all to the streets to place artwork where it was not wanted for everyone to see, merely for the sake of creating art," says Santos. "We wanted it to serve as a reminder of everything we stand for, that art does not always belong on a frame, and that youth is a terrible thing to waste."

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WCC is a newly launched company that works with Wynwood street artists to create exclusive, limited edition, hand-signed printed apparel and art. Santos and partners Alex Malagon and Oscar Ferreira founded the concept back in June. In addition to the Reefa shirt, they're also featuring a collection by local legend Atomik.

"We wanted to put together something that had never been done before, a true collision between art and fashion that made collectible art more accessible to the masses while protecting the exclusivity and underground quality we love about street art. Each piece is limited edition and has a canvas tag sewn on the side, which each artist will sign and number as part of their limited edition release," Santos adds. They'll be having an official launch party between September and October.

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The limited edition 'RIP Reefa' tribute t-shirt is available online, and costs $49.

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Celia Marie Morgan
Celia Marie Morgan

the least we could do for a talented kid. heaven has a different shade when artists reside in peace.


It's wrong for anyone to take some one else life. it's not about if he was wrong doing a criminal act, but all you hypocrite who are pretending that you are all  so perfect please stop trowing stone. It' all about human right, no unharmed person need to loose their life for writing on a wall event if they are breaking the law. And this is for all you so-call angels out their. 

From a Human 

Daniel Convers
Daniel Convers

He was a criminal. Why the fuck does he deserve any "honor"?

Frank Daddario
Frank Daddario

finally someone comes forward to make MONEY on this kid

Johnathan Robert Broad
Johnathan Robert Broad

That family has problems with their kids. First their son Aaron gets arrested for murder and now this...


@Robb Broad what an insensitive comment to make. this kid was murdered and it is a very serious issue. take your pathetic attempt at humor elsewhere, man.

Anthonyvop1 topcommenter

@RANTone He wasn't murdered. (in the criminal sense at least)  He died in custody after attacking a police officer who was forced to apply a non-lethal method to subdue him.

That is all anyone truly knows. 

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