You're Next's Sharni Vinson on Horror, Hangovers, and Her Love for the 305

It's no doubt one of your worst fears. Thanks to Hollywood, just the thought of people breaking into your home to kill you has likely run through your mind. Even now, the idea probably sends a chill down your spine. Run to your neighbors for help? Nope, they're dead. Now, add masked invaders and the fact you are in the middle of freaking nowhere to the nightmare.

Meet You're Next, aka the next movie you need to see. (Good news: it opens today!)

Rotten Tomatoes explains it best: "an energetic and effective mix of brutal gore and pitch black humor will please horror buffs and beyond." Since it opened in 2011 at the Toronto Film Festival, the entire cast, crew, and directors have been on a nonstop tour of screeners with critics and film buffs alike. Thanks to the Miami International Film Festival and O Cinema, Miami was one of those stops. Even more luckily, the star of the film, Sharni Vinson, sat down with us after the screener to grab a beer, a piece of pizza, and talk about why she loves this movie and you should too.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

New Times: This is your last screening! Excited to end your tour in Miami?
Sharni Vinson: I love Miami. Does everyone say that to this question?

Pretty much. The 305 is not just anyplace.
I really, really love it here. I was so excited to come back. I am from Australia, so the weather, the water and the beach is everything for me. For my first trip, I somehow snuck into all the clubs and couldn't believe how awesome each club was. This trip, I just had dinner at Juvia and I am staying at Soho Beach House. Really, is there anything better?

So now that it's over, is it time to go out and just lose your mind?
Sadly, I have to be up quite early for live TV. You never want to be too hungover for that. There isn't enough coffee or make up in the world to hide hangover. But now, I am just going to go on vacation and not worry about the numbers. I have never been more nervous in my life.

This movie came out about two years ago. Are you sick of talking about it yet?
You would think so. The crazy part is that I am not. Really, I am not. I never had that feeling with any of my previous films. It wasn't that I wasn't proud of them, just after a while, you get sick of talking about anything for too long. I guess with this one, it's been such a process. First, we showed at film festivals. It is now to screenings and so many different marketing campaigns, you can't get sick of it. It's always something new.

So it's like you have been pregnant for two years, and August 23 is your due date?
[Laughs] What a wonderful analogy. That is literally exactly how it feels.

What's going through your mind these days? Excited? Nervous?
It's not like this happened overnight, but it feels that way. We went from people talking about it to commercials, movie previews, critics, social media buzz. It's like, "Wait - people are walking around right now with the masks on. Did everything we hope and dream for come true?"

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