Alaskan Women Looking For Love: TLC Shows Tundra Girls Gone Wild in Miami

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"Can I just ... touch that a little bit?"
Single ladies of Miami, count yourselves lucky. Maybe you've made your way through every stereotype in the book, and maybe the slim pickings in this town have made you lower your standards.

But look at it this way: At least you're not single in Alaska.

Unless you like your men bearded, wrinkly, and smelling of fish, Alaska's pretty much the worst place to find Mr. Right. That, at least, is according to the stars of Alaskan Women Looking For Love, TLC's new show about six Alaskan women who are, well, looking for love -- in Miami, of all places.

In the show, the women turn into the ultimate Miami tourists: jet-skiing, boozing it up, and wearing obnoxious oversized t-shirts with cartoon drawings of bikini bodies on them. They take pole dancing lessons, go to a drag show, squeal in delighted embarrassment at the bidet in their hotel bathroom. It's ... actually kind of adorable. Remember when you were young and innocent and had no idea how much a bikini wax hurt?

Also, they hit on a bunch of hard-bodied hunks. Some reap the make-out rewards; others suffer rejection. The end goal, apparently, is to find a man who'll move back to Alaska with them. Um, good luck with that, ladies.

But on the upside, Alaskan Women doesn't look like another yawntastic reality show starring glossed-up, plastic-faced celebrities living in luxury. The stars range in age from Haley, 22, who had just one boyfriend before giving up on the tundra and heading to the tropics; to Jenny, 34, who's newly single after years of marriage and motherhood. All of them look like normal, healthy women, rather than wanna-be Barbie dolls. And if they fall into stereotypes (or if they're cast into stereotypes by the show's producers), at least they're different from the ones we've seen too much on Bravo's Real Housewives franchises or E!'s Kardashian series. Lacy, 23, is described as a tomboy; Tina, 32, is a welder with a feminine side; Sabina is the free-spirited romantic.

But perhaps it's Heather, a 29-year-old single mom, who really knows what's up. She worries, "How can a real girl compete with the skinny, tanned, surgery-enhanced women of Miami?"

We feel ya, Heather. We feel ya.

Alaskan Women Looking For Love premieres Sunday, Oct. 6, at 10 p.m on TLC.

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im a sinle 52 yr old , no kids , in fair shape . i would dearly give anything to move to alaska , and stay there and have a life . everything involving , hunting , fishing , camping , most anything in the outdoors i can do and will do . and if my sweetheart said , you go clean out the dog pens , or take out the trash , i would do it , no questions asked . of course there are trade offs in any relationsahip and a grown man knows this . oh , by the way , i already have carhartt artic extreme gear , wiggys and filson . im good to go !


I watched the show last night and wanted to wish the ladies luck with finding a good man in Miami, it is a meat market mentality, but maybe that is what they are looking for...............


I think this show is stupid!  There are PLENTY of women from all over (especially in AK) that would appreciate an Alaskan man for just that! Plus, what Miami man will be able to hack it in Ak anyways?  Sounds like you girls would be too much for any pretty Miami boy, and just that boy...not men!  Good luck ladies and hopefully you find what you are looking for in Florida and decide to stay there, we want people here who appreciate it all, not have to go elsewhere to find that! 


I am from Fairbanks, Alaska. Fairbanks is the 2nd largest city in Alaska and it has about 60,000 people including the surrounding areas. We do not live in a small village nor encounter men who are old and smell of fish. We are a normal town just like you would find in any other state.  TLC is making a mockery of my home state this show is already painting a false picture of Alaska. If you want to know what it's like to date in Alaska come up and see for yourself because I can guarantee you whatever this show portrays is going to be built up to gain ratings and it won't reflect what women actually go through in Alaska. Just a couple of years ago Anchorage, Alaska was in the top list for wealthy male to female ratio...that's a bad dating pool?? Come on TLC

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