Dexter's Final Season, Episode 11: Dexter Says Goodbye to His Dark Passenger

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Back at Dexter's apartment, which is being sold by Miguel's wife (remember Miguel from season three?), Saxon is there to see the property with Slyvia. Inside, he gives Dexter an ultimatum disguised as a threat: either they can both walk away and forget about each other, or Dexter can go after him, upon which things will end badly. Saxon says Dexter has created a perfect cover life, therefore, he has a lot to lose. But what Saxon doesn't know is that Dex don't play that way: "They're not a cover, they're real to me - something Saxon can't understand... He wants me to walk away without realizing he's just reminded me why I can't."

As Dexter schemes away in his plan to get Saxon, it's revealed more and more what a changed man he is: "It didn't use to matter who was on my table, as long as someone was, but's been personal for a long time." His need to kill is still somewhere within him, it's only lessened and instead his primary need has been replaced by Hannah. Ah love, it can really change a person.

The night has fallen and it's Dexter's final night in Miami, his last chance to catch this Brain Surgeon once and for all and end things before he/we move on. Part of his trap was to get Saxon to go over his apartment, but in the meantime, Debra shows up with a couple of steaks and beer. She's pretty much the best sister in the world wanting to spend his last night with him. They give each other a sweet pep talk and both agree to start over once Dexter leaves.

Dexter's plan worked, and when Saxon arrives he gets the ole needle-to-the-neck and dragged to his own kill room - quite a poetic choice on Dexter's part. Here's where it gets interesting. For one thing, there was no plastic to be seen in this kill room, which is strange for a planned kill, but as we soon come to learn, Dexter's a changed man. The transformation from psychopath to empathetic man is complete. As he strokes the blade of his knife, Dexter says how "This is usually my favorite moment, the kill...and now I don't even want to be here," and his final revelation comes when he says, "I don't need to kill you." Instead, he opts for turning Saxon over to the police - but we know that's not going to go over smoothly.

Saxon gets released by Clayton, who was tailing Deb, while Deb and Dexter shared their final goodbye outside the building. Saxon then proceeds to stab Clayton and shoot Deb, but not before she gets out a couple of rounds and wounds him. It's not like Deb hasn't been shot before, but we're really hoping this time it's not fatal.

None the wiser, Dexter finishes packing his bag for Argentina and leaves his apartment one last time with Harrison in hand. As he walks out, he leaves us with this gem of a quote: "I used to live my life at night, in the shadow of my Dark Passenger, I lived in the shadows for so long until the dark became my world. But over time, the people in my life flipped on a light. At first I was blinded, it was so bright. But over the years my eyes adjusted, and I could see. And now what's in focus is my future: bright, brighter than it's ever been."

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jjcolagrande topcommenter

Ugh I'm having a heart attack! I can't wait one more week!

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