Dexter's Final Season, Episode Ten: Vogel Chose the Wrong Son

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Last week, Dexter took the night off for Labor Day. (Hey, it's the last weekend you can wear white -- and no color better showcases a splatter of blood.) So when things got back on track last night, we were hoping for a more suspenseful episode. But no luck. While "Goodbye Miami" had its "OMG" moments, it mostly progressed way too slowly for the tenth episode in the final season.

Spoilers ahead.

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As expected, Daniel Vogel is proving to be a bit of a nuisance. Dexter's instincts are right in wanting to take care of him before leaving for Argentina, but he has not gone up against such a skilled psychopath in a while. (And whose fault is that, Dexter writers?)

Daniel is good. Really good. Though Daniel never had his mother's guidance nor followed Harry's code, he was always clever enough to never stay in one place too long and to mask his tracks. Even Dexter was impressed while he skimmed through Daniel's past.

The main struggle for this week's episode was Daniel's relationship with his mother. He wants Vogel's help in controlling his dark passenger, he wants what she gave Dexter: "You gave him everything you denied me. While I was rotting away, you gave him a life." We learn that his psychotic tendencies stem from mommy issues. Daniel killed his younger brother, Richard, because Vogel appeared to favor Richard more and gave him more attention. It's evident that in this updated scenario, Dexter has replaced the younger brother and once again Daniel will do anything for his mother's attention.

A very confused Vogel has her heart set on helping Daniel and getting Dexter out of the way so he won't end up on Dexter's kill table. Though she is convinced her son won't harm her and even tells Dexter, "Don't use me as an excuse for killing Daniel," we can see through his façade. Even though Vogel might be part of the reason he wants to kill Daniel - he feels obligated to protect his spiritual mother - Dexter also needs to look out for himself and his own family. "If you don't kill Saxon, your life is at risk," chimes in Harry to remind him.

Dexter, on the other hand, is busy planning his future with Hannah. There's so much left to do before they leave: he must quit his job, sell his boat and condo, kill Saxon, get Harrison out of school -- you know, the usual leaving town routine. First on the list: tell Batista. The ironic moment here is how Dexter puts in his two-week's notice with Batista, who once left the force himself for an early retirement, only to come back a few days later. Could this connection mean Dexter won't actually end up leaving Miami Metro?

If Dexter does leave Miami Metro - and when he leaves our TV sets for good - we know that our lives can easily go back to normal. Like he narrates while at an unimportant crime scene: "Nothing will change after I'm gone, blood will continue to pool, I just won't be here to photograph it." Well that's ... comforting?

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